Exploring the Factors Affecting the Perceived Program Quality of International Sports Education Programs: The Case of a Chinese Sports University

  • Luke Lunhua Mao University of Florida
  • James J. Zhang University of Georgia
Keywords: International Sports Education, Program Quality, Satisfaction


This study explored and tested factors affecting the perceived quality of international sports education provisions in the context of a Chinese sports university. Based on a comprehensive literature review, on-site observations, interviews with students and administrators, and a test of content validity by a panel of experts, a questionnaire was developed and administered to 61 international students attending a sports university in China. An exploratory factor analysis produced five factors related to perceived program quality, with 22 items retained (i.e., leaning environment, service orientation, administrative professionalism, content assurance, and academic growth). Hierarchical regression analyses revealed that these program quality factors positively (p < .05) predicted student perceptions, satisfaction, and behavioral intentions toward the international program. The partial mediating role of satisfaction for the relationships between the program service quality factors and behavioral intention was supported. Discussions are focused on the practical implications for marketing practitioners.

Author Biographies

Luke Lunhua Mao, University of Florida
Mao is a doctoral student with Department of Tourism, Recreation & Sport Management, University of Florida. He is also affiliated with Sport Events Research Center, Shanghai University of Sport. He has been involved in several research projects on sports marketing and sports consumer behaviors.
James J. Zhang, University of Georgia
Zhang is a professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Georgia and the Sport Events Research Center, Shanghai University of Sport. Zhang has published extensively in all related sport management journals currently exist in North America.
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