The New In-Store Consumer: Digital, Engagement, Innovativeness Impact on Unplanned Grocery Shopping and Spending Behavior

  • Dale Cake
  • Vikas Agrawal Jacksonville University
  • Douglas Johansen Jacksonville University


Digital technologies are having a profound effect on the grocery retail environment worldwide. An exploratory PLS-SEM model is used to analyze U. S. panel data and the relationship of in-store digital use,  consumer innovativeness and engagement with unplanned grocery shopping behavior and spending.  Findings indicate in-store digital use directly affects engagement and indirectly affects unplanned shopping and spending. Engagement and innovativeness have a significant direct effect on unplanned shopping outcomes, while innovativeness has a direct effect on consumer engagement.  However, only consumer engagement has a direct effect on spending. Gender moderates the relationship of innovativeness and digital use, digital use and engagement, and digital use and total spending.
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