The Near Future of Marketing From The Consulting Perspective

  • Ronald Earl Goldsmith Florida State University
  • Luiz Moutinho University of Glasgow
Keywords: marketing management, consulting firms, coming changes, applied research


The Near Future 0f Marketing From The Consulting Perspective   Abstract How we see the future depends partly on our current perspective. A research-oriented visionary will detail what the future brings for researchers. A technology-oriented one describes the wonders of coming technologies. Marketing managers are likely concerned with future developments in their specific areas of responsibility (i.e., advertising and promotion, branding, or supply chain). Academics likely look for the hot new research topics. This article summarizes how several major consulting companies, e.g., McKinsey & Company, Strategy&, and Euromonitor International, view the near future on the premise that academic researchers often overlook such forecasts although they provide a unique perspective on what is important to all types of marketing managers. It summarizes the recommendations several consulting firms make regarding how managers should adapt their practices to these changes. The article contends that the reports consulting companies release to the public in an effort to attract clients are a valuable and unique source of information that can inform and shape academic research and teaching.  

Author Biographies

Ronald Earl Goldsmith, Florida State University
The Richard M. Baker Professor of Marketing 
Luiz Moutinho, University of Glasgow
Foundation Chair of Marketing Adam Smith Business School
General Marketing Manuscripts