The Impact of Multilingual Product Packaging on Readability and Product Evaluation

  • Mahesh Gopinath Old Dominion University
  • Myron Glassman Old Dominion University
  • Prashanth Nyer Chapman University
Keywords: Multilingual product packaging, evaluation


This paper explores the effect of bilingual (English-Spanish) product packaging on consumer perceptions. Two experimental studies show that 1) products in bilingual packages are seen as targeting Hispanics living in the U.S., 2) package characteristics and the product itself are rated lower when the product is in a bilingual package versus an English-only package, especially among highly ethnocentric subjects, and 3) of three bilingual formats (English on two sides- Spanish on the other two; an English paragraph followed by a Spanish paragraph on the same side; and alternating lines of English and Spanish on the same side), the paragraph format is rated most favorably.

Author Biographies

Mahesh Gopinath, Old Dominion University
Associate Professor of MarketingStrome College of BusinessOld Dominion University Norfolk, VA g
Myron Glassman, Old Dominion University
Professor of Marketing Strome College of Business Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA
Prashanth Nyer, Chapman University
Associate Professor Argyros School of Business and Economics Chapman University Orange, CA
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